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Salaries and benefits paid to staff are among the biggest expenses for most medical practices (if not the biggest). It’s no wonder most physicians and practice managers prioritize keeping staff to a minimum in their efforts to improve profitability. But, counter-intuitively, minimizing staff often leads to lower profitability. Without enough staff, your practice can’t be as productive as it could be, and patient service suffers.

The key to optimal staffing is understanding how employees can be deployed to improve practice productivity, efficiency, stability, and, above all, profitability. How under-utilizing staff hurts profitability, and how smarter staffing can pump it up, is the subject of The People-Profit Connection: Smarter Staffing for Practice Profitability. With case studies of real practices we’ve worked with at Capko & Morgan, this new title shows how to apply more refined thinking about staffing to your practice, to make lasting improvements to your bottom line.


Your practice has an identity online — even if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines of Internet marketing.  Unless you take control of it, key details about your practice will be defined by health plan directories (updated?), physician ratings sites using public data (accurate?), even general purpose reviews sites (verified?).

Inaccurate, outdated directory listings can actually direct patients away from your practice.  Don’t let this happen to your practice — the fix is easy, once you know what to do.The Quick Guide to Online Physician Reputation Management: Volume 1 — Directory Listings and Profiles (now in its third edition) has the information you need to ensure prospective patients find you.  And it’s all presented in a straightforward format that you can digest in one setting.  A helpful outline at the end of the book prioritizes your to-do list to help you get off to a speedy, efficient start.


Getting your online profile details under control and up-to-date is half the battle of managing your online identity. The next step is monitoring patient reviews and ratings — and responding to them in the right way.

The Quick Guide to Online Physician Reputation Management: Volume 2 — Reviews and Ratings is an easy-to-use tool to help you understand how even negative reviews can help your practice (yes, help!).  And, you’ll also learn the right (and wrong) ways to respond to online reviews.  And, like all Management Rx titles, it’s complete but concise.  It’s easy to read and digest this ebook in one sitting.


Every physician and practice manager has heard that optimizing patient flow can dramatically improve practice profitability. But, some unfortunate “improvements” won’t yield any benefit at all — or, worse, they’ll create more problems than they solve.
Through the lively, digestible case studies in Patient Flow Mistakes Smart Managers Make — And How to Avoid Them, you’ll learn from mistakes that intelligent and well-meaning managers and physicians made when trying to make their practices more efficient. Learn how to avoid these traps — and how to make the right improvements to your workflow for a stronger practice.


Replacing your in-house billing team with a third-party billing service can mean fewer internal hassles and a much stronger, more profitable practice — if you do it right.Get the Best From Your Medical Billing Service is an easy-to-read, focused guide that provides the essential keys to getting maximum value from working with a billing service — and to avoiding pitfalls that could cost your practice thousands of dollars. Choosing and properly managing your medical billing service is one of a handful of major decisions that mean the difference between a thriving practice and one that struggles — investing just a little bit of time with this information-packed e-book will help you make your best decision and set your practice on a path to strength and profitability.