The world of online reputation management for physicians and medical practices continues to evolve!

Since the second edition of  The Quick Guide to Online Physician Reputation Management (Vol. 1) was released in 2015, the (in)accuracy of payer directories in particular has been in the spotlight.

With many patients using insurance for the first time, and most facing higher deductibles than ever, the role of these directories continues to grow more important.

Alongside the rising importance of payer directories, patient reviews and ratings sites, hospital and health system directories, and Google and Bing’s own directories have continued to grab more of the real estate at the top of search results.

If you want to be sure you’re found by the patients you want to serve, managing your presence on all of these directories is more essential than ever.

To help you keep up with all the changes, I’ve just released a new, 3rd edition of The Quick Guide.

My partners at Capko & Morgan and I have seen first hand the dramatic, rapid, and devastating affect not managing online data has had on some of our practice clients’ businesses.  It’s tragic, because managing your online reputation is not hard. It starts with simple steps that anyone on your staff can learn to do. It’s the fastest, most cost-effective form of marketing you’ll ever find.

The Quick Guide to Online Physician Reputation Management (Volume 1) is the easiest, most practical and straightforward tool for any practice of any size to begin tackling the essentials of being found online — and making a strong first impression. It’s also the most cost-effective (it’s under $10 — unlike some books that charge $50 or more, and are less current).

Learn more about the third edition via this link at

You don’t need to have a Kindle device to read this e-book, because you can use the free reader on your iPad or other table, iPhone or other smartphone, or your PC/Mac. And you can try a sample for free.

If you read The Quick Guide or any of my ebooks, I would love to hear your comments. Please feel free to email me at lmorgan at with comments or questions. (If you send a question, I’ll happily answer it via the blog, so that others can see the answer.)