Since I first published The Quick Guide to Online Physician Reputation Management (Vol. 1) last summer, much has changed in our healthcare world.  But the changes have only made online reputation management more important, because they’ve encouraged patients to shop more carefully for healthcare services and to research physician choices online.

For example, some patients have insurance for the first time, and so are cautious in using it — and likely to research using their health plan’s online directory. Other patients are facing higher deductibles than ever — and are looking for cost information about providers before booking. And still others are looking to replicate the easy shopping experience they enjoy for other goods and services online — and so they’re turning to healthcare websites that list physicians and, in some cases, even allow direct booking via the internet.

All of these trends make it much more likely that your prospective patients will be looking for your specialty online.  Will they find your practice?  And, if they do, will the information they find make your practice more or less attractive to them?

When patients search online for a physician, this can be great news for your practice, or it can be disastrous. It all depends on what they find.  If you’re not managing your online reputation, odds are you’re silently, unintentionally turning prospective patients away.

Most practices can’t afford to systematically turn away new business, but far too many unknowingly do.  When a patient searches for your specialty in your area, and your practice doesn’t come up (or is badly represented), that automatically turns that prospect away from your practice.  And it’s a needless loss not just for you, but also for the patient who could have benefited from your services.

This problem is exactly why I wrote The Quick Guide.  My partners at Capko & Morgan and I had seen the devastating affect not managing online data had on some of our practice clients.  The most frustrating thing is, managing your online reputation is not hard!  Even if you’ve done nothing to take command of your online reputation to date, it starts with simple steps that anyone can learn to do. It’s the most cost-effective form of marketing imaginable (in fact, it requires only effort).

And — maybe best of all — it’s job that someone on your team will probably really enjoy doing — once you show them how.  We work with so many practices that struggle to keep staff challenged and engaged, and managing your online reputation is a great way to add variety to a staff member’s daily work diet — while serving a critical practice need.

The Quick Guide to Online Physician Reputation Management (Volume 1) is the easiest, most practical and straightforward tool for any practice of any size to begin tackling the essentials of being found online — and making a strong first impression. And because of all the new places online where patients will encounter your practice and form an opinion of it, almost 20% new content was added to the 2nd edition, to ensure it is the most current resource you’ll find on the subject.

Learn more about my ebook via this link at  You don’t need to have a Kindle device to read this e-book, because you can use the free reader on your iPad or other table, iPhone or other smartphone, or your PC/Mac.  And you can try a sample for free!

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