I’ve just launched a new e-course called “Revenue Mastery.” It’s intended to help administrators with at least a few years’ experience take their practices to the next notch of profitability — without turning their staff’s or providers’ jobs upside down!

The key to revenue mastery that the course explores is taking control of all the details that contribute to a practice’s ability to earn and collect all the income it should be receiving.  Even excellently run practices have small inefficiencies or hidden revenue leak points that represent opportunities to boost profitability by being more attentive and disciplined.

The best thing about Revenue Mastery™? The actionable, practical tips it provides are presented in short video lectures — most under 20 minutes long, and none over 25 minutes long — that are easy to watch and digest (maybe over lunch — but without taking more than half an hour).

The course will offer CEUs (email me about the ones you’re most interested in), and I know you will be able to immediately benefit from the ideas and tips it includes.  I’m so certain about that, the course offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee!  And, for those of you who discover it here on my blog, a special discount of 50% to encourage you to be among the first to check it out.  Just use code JUNE50 (the code is good through June) to access the discount.

Here’s the link to sign up:  managementrx.usefedora.com